Meet the Snob

In this blog post, I’ll share information to get to know the Snob behind the Food Science Snob better.

culinary picture
High school culinary competition
The Snob
Growing up while most kids were watching TV channels such as Disney and Nick I always found myself more drawn to the Food Network. I would watch Chopped and Good Eats for hours, which initially sparked my interest in the food world. Once in middle school, I began baking and cooking for my family and friends and were known in town for my desserts. Upon entering high school I joined the school’s culinary team, as pictured above and enrolled in a class called Intro to Food Science. These two circulars together further emphasized my love for food and the science behind it which went on to inspire me to pursue a college degree in Food Science and Technology.
The Podcast
Throughout my collegiate years, I have been asked many food and food science-related questions by my family, friends, and peers. Their curiosity in my soon-to-be profession is what inspired me to create this podcast. My goal in this podcast is to help educate listeners to become better food consumers and provide essential food safety techniques that prevent food-related illness. Hope you enjoy!