Episode 8 |Does all water taste the same?


Are you smarter than your water bottle? This week’s episode is all about the billion dollar water bottling industry. Listen to the snob break down common myths about the 8×8 rule, alkaline water and more.


Episode 6 | Should I be scared of GMO’s?


If you are a college student like me, midterms and Flu season might have you scared during October. However, something else that might have you shaking in your boots might be Genetically Modified Organisms. Listen to this week’s episode to hear why GMO’s are one less thing you should be worried about this Halloween season.


Episode 5 | Organic: It must be better because it’s more expensive?


Organic food may have been last year’s craze but over 70% of consumers are still buying these products daily. Are they worth the hype? Or the price??  Find out in this week’s episode.


Episode 4 | Is plant-based meat a good substitute for everyone?


Should you be Gluten-free?

The second episode of the Food Science Snob is here and it is all about gluten. Are you considering going gluten-free? Are you unsure of what gluten even really is? Well then this episode is for you. Enjoy, and leave a comment down below about your thoughts on today’s topic.

Use by, Sell by, Best by….what do these dates really mean?

Hey guys! Welcome to the very first episode of the Food Science Snob. This episodes talk about 1) the difference between Food Science and Nutrition and 2) The three major types of expiration dates found on foods. The ideation behind this episode is to not only set up the conception of the Food Science Snob as a whole but also provide accurate information to help you, the consumer, minimize excessive food waste and spending through information about how to effectively interpret expiration dates. Be sure to comment or email me with any comment, questions, concerns or suggestions. Thanks! 

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Meet the Snob

In this blog post, I’ll share information to get to know the Snob behind the Food Science Snob better.

culinary picture
High school culinary competition
The Snob
Growing up while most kids were watching TV channels such as Disney and Nick I always found myself more drawn to the Food Network. I would watch Chopped and Good Eats for hours, which initially sparked my interest in the food world. Once in middle school, I began baking and cooking for my family and friends and were known in town for my desserts. Upon entering high school I joined the school’s culinary team, as pictured above and enrolled in a class called Intro to Food Science. These two circulars together further emphasized my love for food and the science behind it which went on to inspire me to pursue a college degree in Food Science and Technology.
The Podcast
Throughout my collegiate years, I have been asked many food and food science-related questions by my family, friends, and peers. Their curiosity in my soon-to-be profession is what inspired me to create this podcast. My goal in this podcast is to help educate listeners to become better food consumers and provide essential food safety techniques that prevent food-related illness. Hope you enjoy!